Mission Statement

Cornerstone Children’s Learning Center, a ministry of LaSalle Street Church, provides highest quality affordable education and care, reaches out to a diverse community and partners with and supports families and teachers as we are called to be an expression of God’s kingdom in Cornerstone Center.


The Center’s goal is to provide high quality education and care to all its children. We define quality broadly and measure it across these factors:

  • The extent to which our facility contributes to learning and development and the physical safety of our children
  • The skill and training of our teachers
  • The depth and structure of our curriculum
  • The manner in which we integrate our core values into the program we provide
  • For an outcome of the social and cognitive development of our students


Curriculum and teacher quality is a primary concern of the Board. In order to provide the most comprehensive staff and curriculum development, the Board executes a management contract with Childtime Childcare, Inc. Our teachers plan and facilitate children’s daily experiences according to Childtime’s Learn from the Start curriculum, where learning activities are connected to development indicators. CCLC’s ultimate goal is for each child to reach a Kindergarten readiness level by age five. Recognizing the wide variation in children’s individual development, our desire is to encourage consistent growth across all levels of preschool experience – cognitive, social and physical.

The Board employs an Executive Director not affiliated with Childtime to provide full time contract administration, serve as a liaison between the Board, LaSalle Street Church and Childtime and ensure a strong partnership between all parties.


CCLC is proud of the racial, ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic diversity of our student body and staff. We believe creating a community of diverse students is not only consistent with our vision and values, but creates a superior learning experience.

The ongoing involvement and contributions of parents creates a highly valued partnership that enriches the operation and education provided by CCLC. As families gather for event such as summer picnics, international parties, and children’s performances, they form relationships that last beyond their years at CCLC.

The Center aims to provide affordable childcare to families of diverse socio-economic levels. For many families, affordable means a moderate rate compared to the marketplace. For other families, affordable means a rate significantly below market.