“I couldn’t have imagined a better place for my child.” — Oksana M.

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Affordable, Quality Early Education in the Heart of Chicago

Cornerstone Children’s Learning Center offers a warm and welcoming learning environment for infants through pre-kindergarten. We are accredited by NAEYC, the highest standard in early childhood education. And most important, our teachers lavish love and acceptance on every child as they grow in the social, emotional and problem-solving skills they need. We are a Christian organization that welcomes and honors people of all faiths. And as a nonprofit, we are dedicated to making quality care and education affordable including the opportunity for scholarships to families who qualify for extra assistance.

Remote learning at Cornerstone Children's Learning Center

School-Age Prep LabTM

Supporting remote learning.

The Prep LabTM school-age program provides full-day distance learning support for elementary school students and their families facing local school district changes. To complete assignments, your child will bring their own device from home. Our teachers will:
• Keep children engaged with their elementary school learning platform
• Assist students in completing their daily elementary school assignments
• Share challenging weekly STEM projects
• Further social-emotional development with character-developing activities from our My Best Self! Curriculum
• Connect students with their school and teachers, as needed

Infants & Toddlers

The next best place to home.

Caring. That’s what we do. In our educational daycare setting, infants and toddlers will explore developmental milestones, as we nurture and prepare them for Preschool. Using our exclusive, milestone-based curriculum, Learn from the Start™, intentional planning, and regular assessments, our teachers create experiences to meet the children’s developmental needs. Learn more about our infant/toddler program.


Early Preschool

Inventors. Problem-solvers. Discoverers. Dreamers. Learners.

Your child is opening his or her eyes to the wider world and taking an active role in it, with boundless energy! We channel that energy into active, sensory-based, meaningful experiences. Our teachers get to know each child, learn their interests, and plan developmentally appropriate, engaging activities that pave the way for lifelong learning. Learn more about our early preschool program.

preschool at Cornerstone


Increasingly curious. A time to try new things.

Within our home-like classrooms, your child is free to be anything from an artist to an engineer. Playing pretend, learning games, participating in hands-on activities — these are just a few ways we keep kids engaged. Plus, we encourage their natural curiosity, and willingness to try new things, so children discover how they learn best. In addition to basic skills, your child learns about self-direction, self-reliance, and self-esteem. Learn more about our Preschool program.

Pre-K at Cornerstone


Getting ready for kindergarten.

Our Pre-K classroom is designed to help your child make significant developmental gains, communicate more successfully, and work well both independently and in group situations. Building on Preschool learning, Pre-K learning focuses on problem-solving, responsive listening and language usage, as well as social and collaborative skills, with lessons in reading, writing, math, social skills, and physical skills. Learn more about our Pre-K and Kindergarten Prep program.

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