Pre-K / K Prep

Pre-K: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Our Pre-K classroom is designed to help your child make significant developmental gains, communicate more successfully, and work well both independently and in group situations.

Your child’s teacher creates activities and lesson plans customized to the children in their classroom, driven by the needs and abilities of those students. Building on Preschool learning, Pre-K learning focuses on problem-solving, responsive listening and language usage, as well as social and collaborative skills, with lessons in:
• Reading (matching letters to sounds, recognizing familiar words)
• Writing (using letters and other symbols to create written messages)
• Math (simple addition and subtraction, sorting and classifying objects)
• Social skills (respecting others and working together)
• Physical skills with complex or combined movements (jumping rope, climbing)

Regular updates, ongoing portfolio collections, and twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences ensure that you understand how your child is progressing on our School Readiness Pathway.

Focus on Literacy!

In Pre-K, your child is immersed in our Focus on Literacy! program, which builds on and strengthens skills gained in Preschool. In-school and at-home activities are designed to improve your child’s literacy and cognition in:
• Vocabulary development: using language purposefully and precisely in thinking and communicating
• Phonological awareness: hearing and manipulating groups of sounds (rhymes and syllables) in spoken language
• Phonemic awareness: hearing, identifying, and manipulating single sounds in spoken words to recognize similarities and differences and how sounds relate to each other
• Print awareness: understanding the meaning of written language
• Alphabet knowledge: recognizing that letters are their own unique symbols and each has its own name, sound, shape, and order within the alphabet

We’re excited to share this program with your child, to promote literacy in a fun, interesting and interactive way.

Kindergarten Prep

Is your child curious about what kindergarten’s really like? They can find out here.

Our K-Prep enhancement, offering the Get Set for School® curriculum from Handwriting Without Tears®, introduces your child to kindergarten concepts and experiences, with small group instruction, extended seatwork, and kindergarten-level instruction in:
• Literacy
• Math
• Handwriting

K-Prep is designed to help children starting kindergarten immediately after Pre-K in the fall.