Infants and Toddlers

Loving Quality Care for Infants and Toddlers

Our Infant childcare program goes so far beyond regular care at Childtime. Here, babies are made to feel safe, secure, and happy. This class gives warm, caring teachers an opportunity to bond and develop trust with little ones. Each child has a primary caregiver who will guide your child’s development and be your main point of contact.

Infant Childcare Starting at 6 Weeks

The next best place to home! Your baby is cared for by dedicated teachers, who form deep bonds and develop trust with each child. Primary caregivers focus their attention on individual children and will be your main resource.

For infants and their families, our program offers:
• Nurturing classroom environments
• Educational toys & stimulating activities
• Exclusive milestone-based curriculum
• Immersive learning experiences

Toddler Childcare

There is so much energy and excitement at this age, that they have their own verb for it. Toddling is a natural part of growth and learning, and these children are given the space to move, to develop physical skills, and to master emerging milestones, under nurturing guidance from their teachers.

Our Toddler programs offer active little ones:
• Stimulating classroom environments
• Exclusive milestone-based curriculum
• Immersive learning experiences
• Educational toys and activities