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Cornerstone Children’s Learning Center offers a warm and welcoming learning environment for infants 6 weeks through pre-kindergarten. We have a great team of teachers and a warm, secure, creative, and comfortable facility including play areas both inside and outside above street level.

We are accredited by NAEYC, the highest standard in early childhood education. Our teachers lavish love and acceptance on every child as they grow in the social, emotional and problem-solving skills they need. We are proud to offer Health & Fitness, Spanish, Music, Yoga, Art and Science each week.

We Respect and Support Diversity

Kids from diverse backgrounds playing together at Cornerstone Children's Learning Center.

While Cornerstone is a Christian organization, it welcomes and honors all. “When children interact from a very young age — even at the infant level — with children who do not look like themselves and see parents who look different from their parents, that helps them grow up with a more inclusive attitude,” says Lois Scott, Executive Director.

“We teach children to appreciate that not everyone is like you, but that we all celebrate and have family rituals,” says Scott. “Cornerstone has a significant international population and a great number of parents of mixed ethnicities, and many of our children speak or understand more than one language,” she adds. The center’s International Board showcases pictures of the children and flags of the nations represented within the school. That message of inclusiveness is reinforced by celebrating the holidays of many cultures and religions such as Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Hannukah and Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.

At Cornerstone, diversity goes beyond ethnicity to include different socioeconomic levels. “We subsidize our tuition for some families so some who could not otherwise attend are able to,” Scott says. “This year we will give back nearly 10% to families in need. CCLC is a nonprofit so we can operate a little differently and invest back into the center and the families that attend.” Read an interview with Executive Director, Lois Scott about Cornerstone’s diversity philosophy in Chicago Parent, How a Diverse Preschool Helps Kids ‘Respect and Support Differences’.

Learn more about what you can expect in our age-graded programs for Infants and Toddlers, Early Preschool, Preschool, and Pre-kindergarten.

What Cornerstone Kids and Parents Say

We are a transracial family, and we are thankful that the diversity of Chicago is reflected right here at CCLC. No one in our family sticks out when we are among the community of CCLC; it’s hard to find spaces like that, so we cherish it. We appreciate that the diversity is present not only in the children, but in the teachers, staff, and leadership, as well.  The children are fortunate to think this kind of environment in normal, and are learning important lessons about respect and trust in diverse environments early in life. My hope is that they have less to unlearn later in life because of this valuable foundation.

Maria H.

Diverse classrooms that provide an opportunity to learn about different religions and cultures is important to our family. We want our children to grow up respecting and embracing the differences between us as a community. To gain this level of understanding at an early age will help our kids be empathetic leaders and well-rounded individuals.

Jessica D.

Chicago is an incredibly diverse city, but it is far from inclusive. Our distinct charm as a “city of neighborhoods” is locked within the reality of deeply layered economic and racial segregation. As a mother wanting her daughter to grow up in a city—and a world —that truly welcomes all, there is no age too young to begin modeling just that. Daycare is often when a child is first exposed to social situations that build their cognitive framework on how they see themselves and others. We intentionally chose CCLC so that our two-year-old could breathe the beauty of cultural diversity while anchoring her heart in a precious microcosm that exudes universal love, kindness, and respect. Imagine if all our children were exposed to the great kaleidoscope of humanity in environments that organically promote peace and unity. When I do, I see the ripple effect of societies built on shared ingenuity, art, and economic prosperity that benefit ALL—and that’s the world I want for my daughter.

Liliane C.

We trusted our 3 kids… newborn, toddler and pre-k at Cornerstone for 3 years! The teachers will love on your kiddos like their own, teach them well and have lots of fun! Best place in Chicago for childcare and absolutely the best value in the city.

Sherrie V.

I don’t know if I can express in words how wonderful this place is. Our son attended Cornerstone for over 3 years since he was 2 years old. The first thing you notice when you come in is the feeling of being at home, a sense of community, and caring. Everyone that works there have been wonderful, from the teachers to the front desk person and the directors… It’s a very diverse school, with kids and families from all walks of life, background, ethnicities, and languages spoken. Plus, it’s the best priced school in the neighborhood 🙂

Agnes Z.

This is a fantastic school. My daughter is always playing happily when I pick her up. There are daily activities for the kids which happen weekly — music, science, Spanish, art, and gym class. The staff is great; you can tell they are committed to every child’s success. I couldn’t have imagined a better place for my child.

Oksana M.

Both my kids go here, and I could not be happier with how much they have grown and learned in this school these last two years. When we did our research and started to tour city schools, what stood out about CCLC is their caring staff, their very diverse student body, their commitment to a rigorous academic curriculum, fun set-up, a fantastic Summer Camp Program, the fact that they have a cook who has been preparing meals for the children for nearly two decades, and the memorable Spring and Holiday Performances. Most parents do everything they can to offer their children a bright future, and I feel that for us, that important first step has been that of having chosen Cornerstone Children’s Learning Center for their education!

Ermelinda C.

… When it was turn for our second child to start daycare a few months ago, there was no question as to where he would go. Both kids love going to their ‘school’. They learn lots, the class is small enough that the children get personal attention from their teachers depending on their needs and abilities, yet they also get the socialization and classroom experience we wanted for them.


The teachers are warm and absolutely amazing with the children. We feel we were really blessed to discover such a wonderful school that is setting such a solid foundation for our little one on so many levels, and preparing her for academic success for elementary school and beyond!

Tasha I

We have a 2 year old daughter enrolled in Cornerstone and we couldn’t be happier. She really enjoys the interaction not only with her teachers and classmates, but the staff as well. She is happy to go to school and has no problems spending a full day (~ 5pm) there. The teachers keep us informed about her progress, her engagement in the curriculum and her well-being… Regarding cost. CCLC is very affordable especially compared to others in downtown Chicago. This is a non-profit organization that truly cares in what they’re doing.


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