LaSalle Street Church

Grateful for Our Roots in the LaSalle Street Church

In 1998 LaSalle Street Church organized CCLC as a nonprofit created to provide a place where a diversity of children could be cared for and educated. At that time there were even greater extremes of wealth and poverty in the immediate neighborhood as Cabrini-Green high-rises were just a couple of blocks away to the west and the Gold Coast on the east side. Most of Cabrini-Green is gone now but we continue to attract a great racial, ethnic and economic diversity of families. (More on that later!)

LaSalle Street Church has long been a bridge church, bridging neighborhoods, theologies, denominations, liberal and conservative belief systems, as well as bridging divisions of race, culture, social standing and gender.

Its mission statement is “LaSalle Street Church seeks to be a diverse community that worships Jesus Christ and responds to His claims and call by pursuing authentic relationships, genuine service with others, and participation in the broader Christian church.”

More Cornerstone Partners

I often get puzzled looks when I begin to explain the relationship of CCLC, LaSalle Street Church, The LaSalle Foundation, Childtime, and Learning Care Group. We are not a stand-alone organization – we have a relationship with each of these entities that lends a richness to who we are and how we operate.

  • First of all, LaSalle Street Church gave birth to CCLC more than 20 years ago and now approves the makeup of our board. The church also continues to share our space on Sunday mornings for the Sunday School program.
  • The LaSalle Foundation was another nonprofit offspring of LaSalle Street Church, and owns and operates Cornerstone Center, where CCLC resides.
  • Childtime provides staff, curriculum, and support services to CCLC through a management contract. We have had a long, successful relationship with Childtime since a few years after CCLC opened.
  • Learning Care Group is the parent company of Childtime and has over 1,000 centers and 8 brands across the nation, including Childtime, Tutor Time, and La Petite Academy.

Please contact Lois Scott, Executive Director if you’d like to learn more!

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